About our Company

Natural Ventures Pte. Ltd. was established with the aim to operate in agricultural sector via introducing new patented technology for manufacturing special animal feed component from rice husk – substitute for part of organic portion of animal feed.

Who we are

We are Team of professionals in the sphere of manufacturing special animal feed component from rice husk leading to decrease in animal feed price. We aim to provide the customers, both feed manufacturers and farmers with unique feed component technology. With this initiative, we hope to tackle the issue of utilization of rice husk that is adversely affecting ecology and allow feed manufacturers benefit from economic effectiveness. We have on board people who have years of experience in the field.

Our Project

CBFeed is feed component created to decrease the cost of animal feed, Project underlines entrance into 20 countries that includes setup of demo factories and franchising of our patented technology. We had already submitted application to WIPO for international patenting that includes 52 countries. Currently, we have patents from 5 countries, Japan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan. Other patent will be received within 2020-2021. Researches began in 2015 and it took 5 years to finish and get final product. We passed all testing and expertise levels, have own test factory and laboratory on manufacturing of this new product in Uzbekistan.

In 2018 our new product was tested and passed expertise in Japan by Japan Scientific Feeds Association. Test results showed that our new product “CBFeed” fully confirms with safety requirements for animal feeds set in Japan (please, see the attachment for test results). Also, test results were recorded by Swiss company SGS.

Mission, Vision and Targets

The Company’s Mission is to offer and deliver to farmers all over the world a technology for the RH processing, which transforms it into a complete feed component, in an environmentally friendly way that will help

 to raise healthy animals through nutrition and scientific innovation
 to manage their farms profitably and sustainably
 to promote environmental sustainability by recycling an organic waste – rice husk, an extensively abundant agricultural waste

The Vision of the Company is to market CBFeed IP rights in 21 countries in three phases, by

 promoting the technology in each of selected rice producing countries among the farmers
 building proprietary production capacities with the purpose of providing a portion of produced CBFeed for testing purposes by the local farmers and selling the remainder
 using its own facilities as an illustration of business efficiency and business model for potential buyers of the technology.

The company assumes that, under favorable economic conditions, there is a potential to process 35 mln MT of rice husk per annum, thus saving farmers approximately 4.6 bln USD per annum.