Global Solution For Global Pollution


Over the past few decades, the world's population has increased dramatically.
As the number of people grows, there is a growing demand for agricultural feed products, especially demand for rice.
According to statistics, worldwide paddy rice market amounted 713 mln MT in 2019
In subsequent years, it is expected that rice production will grow continuously.

While, producing more agricultural products is good, some agricultural products have their own waste, which in case harm the environment.

Rice husk is the shell of a rice kernel and it can be suitable for the production of animal feed.
Rice husk makes up 20% of the total volume of rice produced, and most of the husk is not disposed of and discarded.
Open heap burning of rice husk is unacceptable, as it causes a lot of dangerous emissions into the atmosphere.

Effective Solution to

The state of the environment is an important factor affecting people's health.
The first mission of every business company is not to damage the environment and be environmentally friendly.

One of the biggest environmental problems is waste and materials that can not be used for production. For example, rice husk is a global problem. To effectively solve this problem, the CBFeed - complete animal feed component, can eliminate the ejection of waste and thereby protect the environment.

Socio-Economic Returns to the Country:
Environmentally sustainable way of RH recycling. Reduction of the imported amount of feed grains thus ensuring self-sufficiency in the agricultural sector, or reduction of the required amount of planted feed grains thus releasing scarce land resources.
Economic Returns to the Feed Manufacturers and Animal Farms:
Solution providing the reduction of the cost of animal feed production, due to replacement of the portion of the organic component of the feed with the CBFeed. Such a Product acts as a catalyst - helps to digest nutritious components of the feed more efficiently.

Our company "NATURAL VENTURES PTE. LTD." carried out several studies in this area. Thanks to the study of the problem, an innovative method for treating rice husk was developed to produce high-quality animal feed under the brand CBFeed - complete animal feed component. Our priority is to solve the global environmental problem and meet the demand for animal feed.

Main reasons for using CBFeed are: (i) availability, (ii) low bulk density (90-150 kg / m3), (iii) viscosity, (iiii) weather resistance and unique manufacturing technology. The main components of CBFeed are rice husk, special ingredient and innovative technology of manufacturing. The composition of CBFeed as a percentage is shown on page 4 in the CBFeeD Report.